The School of Chemistry of Xi’an Jiaotong University (XJTU) is derived from the Department of Chemistry (founded in 1928) of National Chiao Tung University. In 1994, XJTU restored the School of Sciencewith the disciplines of Chemistry, Mathematics, and Physics. To meet the strategic deployment of the university, the discipline of Chemistry was expanded to become the School of Chemistry in 2020.

Currently, the School of Chemistry consists of four departments,i.e., the Department of Applied Chemistry, the Department of Chemistry, the University Chemistry Faculty, and the Experimental Chemistry Teaching Center. The school now comprises Shaanxi Province University Engineering Research Center for Energy Storage Materials and Chemistry, a University-Enterprise Joint Research Center for Power Battery Recycling Engineering Technology, Shannxi Province Innovation and Intelligence Introduction Base of New Organic Synthetic Methods and Molecular Design and Synthesis,while hosting MOE (Ministry of Education) Key Laboratory of Nonequilibrium Synthesis and Regulation of Matter as well as Xi'an Key Laboratory of Sustainable Energy Material Chemistry. At the campus ofWestern China Science and Technology Innovation Harbor, the School of Chemistry owns the Institute of Organic and Polymer Chemistry, the Institute of Molecular Science and Applied Chemistry, and the Institute of Sustainable Energy Material Chemistry. The school offers a Ph.D. program in Chemistry a Ph.D. program in Material Chemistry and Physics, and a master's program in Chemistry. Besides, the school currently boasts the Shaanxi Provincial Chemical Experiment Teaching Demonstration Center and the Shaanxi Provincial Chemical Virtual Simulation Experiment Center. During the past five years, the School of Chemistry has built up three national excellent online courses, a provincial excellent online course, a provincial first-class offline course, and a provincial curriculum ideology and politics demonstration course, with a Shaanxi provincial outstanding teaching team, three provincial and ministerial reform projects, and eight officially published textbooks.

The School of Chemistry currently has 130 faculty and staff members, including 80 with senior titles, including a Clarivate Analytics Global Highly cited Scholar, two Elsevier Global Highly Cited Scholars, and three National-level Talents. Among the faculty members, a professor is awarded theSpecial Government Allowance of The State Council, four professors are granted the 21st Century Talent Fund by MOE, two professors are honored as Shaanxi Provincial Talents, nineteenfaculty membersare awarded the School Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars, and one professor has been awarded the title of Shaanxi Provincial Outstanding Teacher.

At present, the school enrolls about 600 students, including nearly 300 undergraduates and over 300 postgraduates. The school offers two undergraduate programs,i.e., Chemistry and Applied Chemistry, of which Applied Chemistry is granted the National First-class Specialty Construction Site.Upholdingthe fine tradition of "high starting point, solid foundation, strict requirements, and emphasis on practice", the School of Chemistry has established a world-class talent training system with complete professional knowledge and technique.

Guided by the national economic battlefield and the major concerns of the country, and aiming at the international academic frontiers, the school engages itself in the synthesis methods and reaction mechanisms of complex matter, profoundly explores the relationship between the multi-level structure and properties of materials, and develops new matter with high-performance and promotes its applications. By focus on the resolution of key problems of new synthesis methods of complex chemicals, structure-activity relationships and its application involved in the areas such as new energy, biological medicine, artificial intelligence, the internet of things,etc., the school has made breakthroughs in several directions, including efficient drug transmission and precision diagnosis and treatment, advanced energy material chemistry, intelligent responsive polymer, etc. Therefore, in the School of Chemistry, a first-class chemistry discipline featuring application-oriented and interdisciplinary has been built.

In recent years, the school has gradually carved a distinction in: (1) Synthesis, processing and performance research of functional polymers/composite materials and their applications in military industry, aerospace, petroleum, cultural relics protection, etc.; (2) Organic synthesis methodology; (3) Organic optoelectronic materials, organic thin film transistor materials and devices, supercapacitors, electrochemical energy storage, electrochemical sensors, lithium-ion/dye/organic solar cells, battery recycling; (4) Theoretical and computational chemistry; (5) Disease monitoring and treatment and tissue engineering; (6) Inorganic porous materials and metal-organic framework materials; (7) Synthesis of green active functional molecules.

In the past 5 years, the school has obtained financial support from considerable quantity projects, including nearly 60 projects from the National Natural Science Foundation of China, nearly 60 projects from Shannxi Province, and more than 30 foreign-specialized projects, with a rise of 80% of fund arrival in 2021 compared to 2020. In the past 5 years, the school has harvested notable honors in scientific research, including 6 provincial and ministerial awards, 500 published SCI retrieval papers, more than 80 authorized invention patents, and 5 Chinese and English monographs. At the same time, it has gained achievement transformation in several aspects including the preparation of high-performance polymer materials, processing technology, new energy materials, and battery recycling.In addition, the school has repeatedly held international conferences in recent years and invited prominent scholars at home and abroad to offer lectures and exchanges ideas on the development of chemistry, which has enhanced the impact of the school.

With a long history and a brand-new beginning, the School of Chemistry will strive to cultivate high-quality talents, overcome major scientific problems and build world-class disciplines with the direction of the"Westward Relocation Spirit", and the guidance of the national economy market and the major concerns of the country.

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